squid_py.config module

Config data.

class squid_py.config.Config(filename=None, options_dict=None, **kwargs)

Bases: configparser.ConfigParser

Class to manage the squid-py configuration.

property aquarius_url

URL of aquarius component. (e.g.): http://myaquarius:5000.

property auth_token_expiration
property auth_token_message
property downloads_path

Path for the downloads of assets.

property gas_limit

Ethereum gas limit.

property keeper_path

Path where the keeper-contracts artifacts are allocated.

property keeper_url

URL of the keeper. (e.g.): http://mykeeper:8545.

property parity_address

Parity address. (e.g.): 0x00bd138abd70e2f00903268f3db08f2d25677c9e.

property parity_password

Parity password for your address. (e.g.): Mypass.

property parity_url

URL of parity client. (e.g.): http://myparity:8545.

property provider_address

Provider address. (e.g.): 0x00bd138abd70e2f00903268f3db08f2d25677c9e. ethereum address of service provider (Brizo)

property secret_store_url

URL of the secret store component. (e.g.): http://mysecretstore:12001.

property storage_path

Path to save the current execution of the service agreements and restart if needed.

property web3_provider

Web3 provider